Middle School (MS)
The MS serves students from 11 to 16 years of age.

The Middle School Programme is based on both the Ministry of Education and international curricula within a framework that challenges students, enhances their ability to think in a critical manner, and helps them develop a positive attitude towards learning. The Middle School Program prepares our students to either join the IBDP or IBCP programmes or the national Tawjihi programme. 
The language of instruction in the MS is English for all subjects except Arabic, Physical and Health Education and Religion courses.  

Students in Grades 6-8 study nine main subject groups:

Language and Literature (English and Arabic)
Third Language (French or German, and Chinese, French or German in the BSA)
Individuals and Societies
Physical and Health Education
Design (Product design and Digital design)
Arts (Visual Arts and Drama)
Christian and Islamic religion

Students in Grades 9 and 10 study six main subject groups concurrently:

  1. Language and Literature (English and Arabic)
  2. Third Language (French or German, and Chinese, French or German in the BSA)
  3. Mathematics
  4. Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  5. Individuals and Societies
  6. Christian and Islamic religion

In addition, students choose one of the following subjects:

  1. Drama
  2. Visual Arts
  3. Physical and Health Education
  4. Product Design
  5. Digital design

Middle School students have their classrooms in the oldest building on campus and enjoy the energy and love that scores of generations have created and that still reverberates within its walls.  The Middle School Head, Academic Programme Coordinators, Subject Coordinators, Homeroom Teachers and a team of Year Coordinators oversee the daily running of the school and follow up closely on both academic and behavioral issues.