The Ahliyyah School for Girls and the Bishop’s School for Boys (ASG/BSA) is seeking an architectural firm to design a new integrated school campus.
ASG and BSA, IB World Schools and two of Jordan’s oldest and most established educational institutions, are merging into one coeducational school. We plan to build a new campus that provides an environment that effectively expresses our educational values and approach to learning. The schools’ current facilities, although rich in history and memories, can no longer satisfy our spatial needs and sustain our values and vision. Moreover, our location in the densely populated heart of Jabal Amman is resulting in considerable and serious challenges affecting access to and from the schools in relation to the rest of the city. There consequently is a need to relocate to a new campus that is designed in a manner that satisfies the needs and aspirations of the merged institution in terms of space and facilities, and that is physically more easily accessible to the school community.
Stage 1: Jordanian architecture firms are invited through an open call to submit their expressions of interest through a pre-qualification procedure.
Stage 2: 6 to 8 firms will be invited to participate in the submission of technical and financial proposals process facilitated by the Center for the Study of the Built Environment (CSBE).